Utility Design


The wet utility design plans are included in the Construction Documents (CD's) package. The wet utility design is also a very critical component of the final engineering documents. Gravity utilities, such as sewer and storm drain, are essential to be evaluated early in the design to ensure positive slope and to eliminate the need for a pressurized system.

Our Job

7 Oaks Engineering will prepare a wet utility plan that shows existing and proposed sewer, domestic water, storm drain, fire water and irrigation. Dry utilities, such as electrical, cable, gas, tv, etc., will be shown for reference is needed. If the proposed development is remote, then a septic system and water well maybe required and included in the design. The wet utility plan will typically the design and details for the sewer, storm drain, domestic water, and fire water system. The irrigation system will be designed to the property, where the landscape architect will then continue the design onsite.