Due Diligence & Feasbility Studies
Land plot Consist of aerial view of greenfield, position point and boundary line to show location and area. A tract of land for owned, sale, development, rent, buy or investment

Engineering & Due Diligence Studies


The engineering due diligence phase is performed prior to the start of a project to determine project feasibility.  Research and analysis is performed to study the existing site with respect to the proposed development.  This information is compiled into a formal report that assists the owner or developer an allowing them to make an informed decision on project feasibility. 



A Development Feasibility Report (DSR) or Site Investigation Report (SIR) is prepared by 7 Oaks Engineering for the project and typically includes the following items be researched and reviewed; 

1. Site and surrounding land use zoning standards (buildings, landscape, parking access requirements).

2. Site plan review, design review and traffic analysis review process

3. Review boundary, existing easements and ALTA survey

4. State environmental policy acts or other applicable local codes.

5. Engineering standards (fire apparatus access, transportation access, right-of-way improvements, utility improvements)

6. Permitting and ROW permit processes

7. Fess estimate (plan check and permitting fee estimates).