Erosion/Sediment Control
Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion & Sediment Control


The erosion control plan, also known as the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, is a plan for construction purposes only.  This is a requirement by the state and may change depending on region.  But the purposes to direct the contractor to install specific BMPs to minimize the amount of sediment and erosion as well as other containment’s discharging from the construction site. 

Erosion is the process when a soil particle is removed from the land by wind, water or gravity.  Sediment is the result from excessive erosion as a pollutant. To prevent erosion and sediment runoff from a construction site, means protecting the transport, wind, water, and gravity systems onsite. This plan will essentially callout all the temporary construction BMPs that must be implemented to protect the downstream receiving waters during construction. 



The size and location of the project site will determine the requirements and extensiveness of the Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ECSP).  Depending on the governing agency, in addition to the ECSP a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) maybe additionally required to comply with the NPDES Permit.  7 Oaks Engineering will prepare each as required and assist the owner with any state construction permit filings with the governing water board or Department of Environmental Quality.

When preparing the plan, 7 Oaks Engineering will keep these objectives in mind: 

• Control the construction site perimeter. 

• Minimize the disturbed area at construction site 

• Stabilize the disturbed area of the site 

• Protect slopes and channels 

• Retain sediment 

• Protect all storm drain inlets on or adjacent to your site 

• And Contain materials and wastes used onsite 

With these objectives, a suitable BMP can be implemented, such as, Hydroseeding, soil tackifier, geotextiles & mats, and straw mulch are forms of common erosion control BMPs.

Sediment Control BMPs are typically silt fence, inlet protection, gravel bags, fiber rolls, sediment traps, dewatering, and street sweeping. 

There are many more BMPs available to implement for the stabilization of erosion and sediment, and each one will be carefully evaluated in preparation of the site-specific erosion and sediment control plan. (ESCP).