Precise Grading and Drainage
Precise Grading and Drainag

Precise Grading and Drainage


Construction Documents, also known as CDs, is the second and final phase in the design process.  Construction documents is the most important document set.  

 The ultimate purpose of CD’s is to 1) obtain permits from the governing agencies and 2) have a set of plans detailed and complete so the contractor can build from them.  

Construction documents commence one of two ways, either the project has completed the entitlement process and been approved by decision makers, or the project does not require a discretionary permit and only a ministerial permit is required.  In other words your project can skip entitlements and jumps right in to the CD design phase.  

CDs are detailed civil engineering plans that typically include precise grading and drainage, wet utility design, final stormwater managemetn design, hydrology and hydraulics design, erosion and sediment control, horizontal control, rough grading plan, retaining wall plans, demolition plan, and any public infrastuture plans including public roadways, or public water and sewer plans.



The grading and drainage plan is the most important and usually the most time consuming plan to assemble for private development. This is the roadmap for the contractor to grade and construct the site.  The grading and drainage plan is also referred to as a precise grading plan.  Both are one in the same.   

 The precise grading and drainage plan has two main components.  One, the precise grading of the site.  And two, the site drainage.  The precise grading plan will include final spot elevations, final grading contours, ADA/Title 24 compliance, slope arrows, stormwater management design, construction notes, and details.